Calling Safari Adventurers!

Explore your way around a magical, safari land with your five baby animal friends. Discover, learn amazing facts and turn each adventure into your very own Storybook!

  • Five Baby Animals

    Find and wake five baby animals to play with and nurture! Can you discover them all?

  • Beautiful Safari World

    Explore a beautiful land filled with caves, forests, rivers and lots more to find!

  • Make Your Own Storybook

    Fill a Storybook with your own Safari Tales that you can personalize and read with others!

  • A World of Adventure

    Play fun games and activities including the musical forest, slingshot alley, boat rides, water slides and much more!

Meet the animals!

Parent Corner

Every time your child plays, a Safari Tale is created, which captures their game activities in pictures and words, and presents them in classic storybook form within the game. The game combines a fun exploratory world with a beautiful Storybook to encourage your child’s reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Set your child’s reading age so that the language is always targeted appropriately.

How to play

Your child’s first task will be to wake the baby Elephant. As your child explores the island, they will discover and hatch four other animals.


Each play session becomes a new tale in your child's Storybook. Over time, your child will build up a collection of tales.

Ask Darwin!

Darwin sits in the lower left corner of the game, and tapping her once opens our unique Question Builder!


Stickers are scattered about the island and collecting these leads to achievement awards. Each time they unlock a sticker, your child can view them in the Treasure and Awards pages in your book.


Darwin, our friendly neighborhood meerkat, is perhaps one of the most popular African mammals. Darwin gives access to a fountain of knowledge about safari animals, fossils, mineral, footprints, and other African topics - as well as Darwin himself! Your child will also learn some Swahili!

When Darwin appears, your child is offered the first of six word wheels. Wheel 1 has the principal question words: Who, Where, When, Why, Which, What, How. It also includes Are, Can, Did and Do, to add variety to the question-openers.

When your child makes their choice on the first wheel, a further wheel appears which features only grammatically appropriate choices. In this way, your child continues to build their questions till a grammatically and syntactically correct question is ready for Darwin! The beauty of the question wheels is that your child can create only syntactically-correct questions.

The word wheels will give your child an engaging and almost physical experience of how to combine words to make sentences and questions. Answers have been written to suit the appropriate reading age of your child, and are spoken in the friendly voice of a child.

Free coloring book!

Right click over image below and select "save as" to download your free Safari Tales PDF Coloring Book.

  • Color all your favorite animals!
  • Design your own animals!
  • Make them stand out from the rest!
  • Camouflage your animals!
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